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With our ADDons+ we offer additional, special and comfortable extensions to our packaging solutions.

ADDons+ are retrofittable system components, that allow you to efficiently increase and control the production process. To guarantee a high quality standard we work hand-in-hand with partner companies.


ADDons+ 01
ADDons+ 02
ADDons+ 03
ADDons+ 04
ADDons+ 05
ADDons+ 06
ADDons+ 07
ADDons+ 08
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ADDons+ 10
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Product supply


We offer various possibilities to integrate feed units into our HVS cartoners as well as upgrading / updating existing customer machines.

An extract of these are step-collator and equalizers for pouch packs, bottle transfer via screw-conveyor, star inserts for continuously operating machines, bottle loaders for intermittent operated machines, blister depositing with counter wheels for thermoformed packages, tube transfer with feeding conveyor.


Product supply 01
Product supply 02
Product supply 03
Product supply 04
Product supply 05
Product supply 06
Product supply 07

Closure technologies


To safely and reliably pack your products, HVS GmbH offers various closure technologies as an interchangeable part (size-set).

Special closure types, closure with locking device, cartons with hanging-taps and / or combined closures can be integrated without impairment the fast format change over without tools.

The hot glue- or flap-closure can be added to your present or future packaging solution (types HKMG, HKMC or CarT5) as an interchange part (size-set).


Closure technologies 01
Closure technologies 02
Closure technologies 03
Closure technologies 04
IClosure technologies 05
Closure technologies 06
Closure technologies 07
Closure technologies 08
Closure technologies 09
Closure technologies 10



To mark or code your products we offer various technologies.

The imprint of the 2D-, Data-Matrix- and / or alphanumeric codes in highest resolution is provided by blind or colour embossing, inkjet and / or laser.


Marking 01
Marking 02
Marking 03
Marking 04
Marking 05

Labeling unit


With our ADDons+ labeling units you can achieve a fast product label process according to your needs. Our packaging units can optionally be equipped with label dispensers to provide a safe and reliable indication of your product units.

Our partner companies offer suitable and established systems in order to meet all pharma-specific requirements.


Labeling unit 01
Labeling unit 02
Labeling unit 03

Code readers


Code readers manage product control by tracking the series and manufacturer data.

Identification is carried out by 1D and 2D codes. They offers quick reading performance with an efficient and fast code analysis.

Through compact design with integrated optics and lighting, code reader provides flexible opportunities to be attached on various packaging solutions. Identifying process can be done in motion as well as static


Code reader 01
Code reader 02
Code reader 03
Code reader 04
Code reader 05
Code reader 06
Code reader 07
Code reader 08
Code reader 09
Code reader 10

Camera control


The camera controls increase your product quality.

Poor or damaged products are identified and diverted via camera controls. The packaging quality is continuously being checked, hence minimizing bad and cost intense returns.


Camera control 01
Camera control 02
Camera control 03

Track & Trace


The Track & Trace system ensures a secure traceability of the production process. Through the constant capture process during production, the track of the products can be traced from pharmacy down to the production site.

Within the packaging process the packaging units are identified with product relevant data via 1D or 2D codes which are stored in a central database system. Depending on customer or size-specific needs, the imprinted data of the individual packages can be adjusted to the GS1 standard.

Through this ADDons+, which can be retrofitted to any of our packaging solutions, the demands of forgery and product safety within the pharmaceutical industry are guaranteed.


Track & Trace 01
Track & Trace 02
Track & Trace 03
Track & Trace 04

Folding units


Folder units has various folding sizes for leaflets and inserts to offer a high product flexibility.

Existing customer folding units have been modernized and technically updated and can be intergraded in cartoning machines. The high folding accuracy and simple operation enables a clean package process. Through the combination of parallel and cross fold we provide the right solution for your product needs.

We not only offer the integration of new folders, but also used and refurbished folding units.


Folding unit 01
Folding unit 02
Folding unit 03
Folding unit 04
Folding unit 05
Folding unit 06
Folding unit 07
Folding unit 08



To support successful quality assurance we offer a retrofittable ADDons+ to combine our packaging solutions with checkweighers of several manufacturers.

Through the high weighing accuracy of the implemented check weighers, the manufactured products achieve a higher warranted quality standard and better compliance to quality guidelines and legal provisions.


Weight scale 01
Weight scale 02
Weight scale 03
Weight scale 04



Another retrofittable ADDons+ is the fast and accurate positioning of products and packaging units. Through a multitude of modular possibilities we offer the suitable positioner for your solution. Size-set positioners take care of a continuous packaging prove.

For additional packaging of the cartons, we supply tailor made positioner- and grouping solutions for an optimum transfer to the following process.

An extract of possible positioners cover bottle transfer via screw-conveyors, collators, star inserts, tube transfer with feeding conveyors and many other options to optimize your packaging process permanently.


Positioners 01
Positioners 02
Positioners 03
Positioners 04
Positioners 05

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