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Robust packaging

The CarT5 is a robust cartoning machine for extreme demands. Its features like the extra strong conveyor chains and the consistent running of the driveshaft guarantees a reliable functionality and a long life-time.

The equipment units of the CarT5 are designed as modules, so feeding- and closing-variations can be combined in several ways. Your existing CarT5 can be retrofitted with all the newly developed features.

HVS offers retrofittable ADDons+ to further enhance your efficiency. Individually configured to your packaging needs, they can be installed as options.

cart5 01





Output range: up to 100 cartons / min
Format range (AxBxH): Min. 20 mm x 16 mm x 60 mm
  Max. 95 mm x 70 mm x 200 mm
Operation / partition: intermittently / 5“
Power unit: frequency-controlled main drive
Control: Siemens S7, Siemens MP 277 operating panel
Format changes: repeatable with positioning scale indicators
Dimension: 3.050mm x 1.700mm / ca. - 2.500kg
Power consumption: 4-5 kvA, depending on extra equipment
Compressed air supply: 6 bar oil-free
ADDons+: multiple product supply
closure units
carton printing
labeling units
code reader
camera control unit
track & trace
folding machines
check weighers
positioner and / or grouping units

CarT5 01
CarT5 02
CarT5 03
CarT5 04
CarT5 05

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